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Most of you that follow us on Facebook know what this is. For those of you that do not my baby sister who is a big part of our lives. I have helped raised her since she was born when I was 17. Brianna graduated University of the Arts here in Philadelphia with honors. Since graduating she has not failed to amaze me. Brianna is an amazing stand-up comedian, some of her work can be found on (2) Brianna Benozich – YouTube .

She has been acknowledged in the standup world to the point of getting many paid gigs. At the same time also never forgets where she started and still does open mic nights. Bri has made films one which has been in film festivals all over the world, which has had her invited to interduce her film at festivals in Colorado, Canada, Switzerland (which she loved visiting) and many other areas including our hometown of Philadelphia.

She has also taken on a job at the University of Arts where she graduated from to teach incoming students about her passion film and writing. She just returned home from LA where she got tours of cartoon network, the production company that writes for adult swim and she was also at Lionsgate. She has big dreams for herself, and I could not be prouder! Before she left, she made this short zine (I had no clue what a zine was, it’s a short magazine lol) and had copies printed up. There are some being sold in stores in Philadelphia, and I wanted to share them with you!

If you would like to check out her website, it is

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