Philly Crystal #83 RED AND YELLOW ACV 5 grams

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Your Leaf Your Life- Philly Crystal #83 RED AND YELLOW ACV-5g

#83 RED AND YELLOW ACV cooked down and extracted into a fine crystal extract! Hope you enjoy.

Your Leaf Your Life decided NOT get extract products imported, so all the extract products are made in house.

We use fruits in our extraction process. This time we used apple cider vinegar we will not use any alcohol in our products unless it is specified.

We like using citrus fruits because in doing this because it gives the final product a very nice smell and color, almost floral. Using citrus fruits keeps our extracts as an all-natural product. It also does not eliminate the option for people who would prefer to not use alcohol base in an otherwise natural product.

We take great pride in our extracts, we try to have them available on the website at all times, even if it is just a few of our enhanced products.  Extracts should NOT be taken every day, as they should be used in moderation!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Each bag contains 5g of extract.


Philly Crystal #83 Ingredients: Mitragynine Speciosa, ACV, Water


Must be 21+ to order/purchase. Products cannot be shipped to certain states/counties.

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3 reviews for Philly Crystal #83 RED AND YELLOW ACV 5 grams

  1. vanessa.elle11 (verified owner)

    Just tried this today sprinkled a little bit in my coffee. Go got me up moving around cleaning and ready for the day within 10 min

  2. Chris G. (verified owner)

    I gotta say thank you Philly kratom for the amazing extract. Currently using about 0.1-0.2g along with 2g of plain leaf to overcome opiate withdrawal. I’m not a medical expert but so far it seems to be working. It’s keeping me well! Hopefully once I kick opiates I can actually enjoy when my tolerance goes down but this stuff is a life saver for me right now so thank you so much your leaf your life!

  3. Nathanial Johnson (verified owner)

    This right here changed my life. I’ve never meditated before but I can only imagine this is what someone feels like when they get into a deep meditation. Very calm and peaceful but not dopey. It just sorta carried away all my pain and troubles and left me with an overall sense of wellbeing. Part of me wanted to write a bad review so there would be more for me but this stuff is just so good it wouldn’t be fair to deny people from experiencing this

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