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Welcome to Your leaf your life! – Sumatran Coffee Medium Roast 4oz/112g

Most of the coffee you will find in Sumatra is grown by farmers who own small plots of land. This medium roast Sumatran Gayo is no exception. We are happy to present this full-bodied small batch coffee to you! The island of Sumatra has a great climate and the perfect soil for growing amazing arabica beans. Indonesia is not only known for its superior kratom manufacturing, but also the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world.

The Dutch East India company introduced coffee tree seedlings to the island in the 1600’s.

This particular coffee is known as Gayo peaberry it is grown in the northern Aceh region and has a dark and intense flavor. The method that is used to process these beans is called wet hulling. Once the coffee cherries are picked, they are run through a machine to remove the skin after that the cherries are fermented over night to break down the mucilage which is also washed off. Then the coffee cherries are dried for a few hours until they reach 50% moisture, they are then put in a drying house to further dry and process.

It typically takes a coffee farmer 3 months to finally have a finished product wet hulled beans are made this way because Sumatra has such a damp climate. Due to the rains, there is very little time to dry the beans, usually less than 4 hours a day this is what gives the cherries a unique flavor. You can expect low acidity, earthy flavor, full body and a woody aroma.



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