White Sumatra 8oz/224g

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YOUR LEAF YOUR LIFE – White Sumatra 8oz/224g

White Sumatra 8oz

White Sumatra was a staple when we first opened in 2018 and everyone went crazy when we discontinued this strain….Well it is back and better then ever. This White Sumatra is a fine grind, string dried strain that has a very unique properties. This strain will not need to be blended with any other strain, it is so well rounded for daytime. If you are looking for a smooth white vein then this is the one for you!

What is White Sumatra ?

White Sumatra is an extremely popular and sought-after strain of  kratom. This strain grows on the island of Sumatra in ancient forests, and their leaves are packed full of  active alkaloids. The leaves used to make the White Sumatra strain are usually light in color. Sumatra which is also known for their popular Sumatra coffee has the best  nutrient-rich soil and warm climate for growing Kratom trees. Just like their coffee , Sumatra is also known for its sharp effects. It is one of the most highly sought strains of kratom for it’s well balanced effects. Sumatra is also known for it’s longer lasting duration.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


Please consult your  doctor before use if you have any health conditions, are taking any medications or are breastfeeding.


Must be 18 or older to order/purchase.

Products can not be shipped to certain states/counties


For information on the fight to keep kratom legal please visit  http://www.americankratom.org

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Weight 8 oz

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  1. Bennett Callay

    Extremely effective get up and go strain. Was a delight to enjoy on a hike. Little bit of the eye wiggles, so I’ll dose down on this one moving forward. Excellent tool.

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