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Most of you are aware of the fight we are up against to keep kratom legal in the United States. We wanted to have some information for you on here that could be helpful. 

Looking up any new legislation in your state here are the steps

  1. Go to the website LegiScan | Bringing People to the Process
  2. Go to bill tracking
  3.  Go to the left-hand side of your screen where it says LegiScan search and enter your state. Where is says full text search enter kratom. 
    Any past or present bills regarding the safety of kratom in your state will be there. 
Looking up your state legislator’s
  1. Go to the website Find Your Representative | house.gov
  2. Enter your zip code and hit find your Representative
  3.  There it will take you to the Rep for your District and below the photo of them will be a way to contact them

It can never hurt to be proactive and contact local reps and let them know that you are a constituent and you would like to tell them about kratom. When doing so please be polite and respectful. Let them know how your life was/is improved because of kratom. It helps to have some scientific information available to give to them. 

If any of you ever need help if your state is in trouble you can always reach out to us we have been doing this since 2015. We have no problem helping you guys be an advocate for kratom.

Where can I find scientific information to use for my advocacy tool kit?  

So here are some helpful links to the American Kratom Assocation.

The first link it to their advocacy tool kit that you can print and take with you when you may be meeting or contacting a state rep.

American Kratom Association – Advocacy Toolkit

The 2nd link from the American Kratom Assocation is all of the science behind kratom. Including addiction study for abuse liability, and 8 factor analysis. Even if you do not need this information for a state rep it is helpful to read through the science of kratom and some of these studies. A lot of people are against our leaf and if you educate some of them with the science, sometimes they understand the leaf a little better and are not so against it. Here is the link for scientific information.

American Kratom Association – Science

The American Kratom Assocation has been fighting for the kratom consumers freedom to utilize kratom. They have made huge progress with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act that is passed in several states. They are trying to get it done in all states. They have lobbyist on the ground and are a nonprofit for those who do not know who they are. You can donate to the AKA to help in the fight to keep kratom legal at 

American Kratom Association – Donate

To end our little advocacy page here are Our and the American Kratom Associations Facebook page where you can always stay up to date on the fight to keep kratom legal.


American Kratom Association | Facebook


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