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Enjoy our wide variety of extracts and enhanced products. We go far and wide to try to offer all of the best kratom extract products available. We carry everything from extract tablets in different Mitragynine percentages to our enhanced blends that are plain leaf with 10% black crystal extract added. We also have low mg extract items like the Honey stix and the Saltwater taffy.  Our liquid Phillies Finest is our house made extract drink; it is a favorite to everyone who tries it!   We do source specialty items from other companies.


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Enhanced Extract Kratom Queries

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom made by boiling down leaf matter to extract the alkaloids, such as Mitragynine, resulting in a much stronger form than the plain leaf.

Our enhanced products combine plain leaf kratom with a 10% addition of black crystal extract, offering a unique blend that provides a more potent experience.

Yes, all our kratom extracts and enhanced products are lab tested to ensure premium strain quality, cleanliness, and to confirm Mitragynine percentages for safety and satisfaction.

Absolutely, we offer extract tablets in different Mitragynine percentages to meet our customers’ preferences and needs for strength and potency.

We provide lower mg extract items like the Honey stix and the Saltwater taffy, which are perfect for those looking for a less intense experience.

Phillies Finest is our house-made extract drink, widely favored for its effectiveness and taste. It’s specially crafted to provide an enjoyable and potent kratom experience.

Yes, we do source specialty items from other reputable companies to ensure our customers have access to the best and widest variety of kratom products available.

Our kratom products are milled to a fresh, clean grind, which ensures a smooth texture and aids in the efficacy and overall experience of the product.

Enhanced blends refer to our unique formulations that mix plain leaf kratom with a specific percentage of kratom extract, such as our 10% black crystal extract added blend, to increase potency.

Start with understanding your needs and preferences around potency and experience. Consider trying lower mg extracts like our Honey Stix or consulting our product descriptions. If in doubt, our customer service team is here to help guide your selection based on your preferences and experience level.