We at Your Leaf Your Life send all of our batches out for 3rd party lab testing, we test for heavy metals and microbiology. We also just started testing for Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine levels. A clean and contaminant free product is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a Kratom product.

To find the testing for your batch the batch number will be on the back of your bag. It will look something like B# 0523. The first letter of the vein color and the first letter of the strain will go in front of the date for you to find your batch below. .

EXAMPLE: Green Super is Batch# GS0523 .

**Please remember when storing your products at home to keep them sealed in a cool dry area free from moisture. Areas that contain moisture are a perfect breeding ground for contamination. **
Above is the AHPA limits that raw botanicals need to be within for microbiology testing (first row). If you look up AHPA heavy metal limits, you will see our results are all within range for heavy metals also. Below is all our 3rd party lab testing from YOUR LEAF YOUR LIFE! Our products are 3rd party tested for microbiology and heavy metals. We strive to offer fresh, consistent, clean quality strains. We have used the same farmer for 3 years now for a few of our strains Recently our company switch to all his products. Quality and clean product has never been an issue! 

Here is a link for APHA GUIDELINES https://www.ahpa.org

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