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Discount full kilos and capsules now available!

The products listed here are discount products only. These products are NOT our normal farmer nor are they the products we carry on a daily basis, these are discount items only. The capsules are packed from a wholesale kratom company in the United States. 

The discount full kilos and capsules may not always be the same as they are from a bulk supplier. We just wanted to have a cheaper option on our website for those who may be interested in a lower price kratom product. 

The capsules are also from a united states bulk supplier and are gmp. The capsules are something we are going to try to keep in stock but keep in mind it is not our product in the capsules. 

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Discount Full Kilos and Kratom Capsules Queries

Discount full kilos and kratom capsules are lower-priced kratom products that we offer in addition to our regular selection. These items come from a bulk supplier and are intended to provide an affordable option for our customers.

While the discount products come from a reputable wholesale kratom company and are of good quality, they are not sourced from our usual farmer and may vary slightly in quality and consistency from our regular offerings.

The discount kratom capsules are packed and supplied by a GMP-certified wholesale kratom company based in the United States.

We aim to keep discount full kilos and capsules in stock, but availability may vary based on supply from our bulk supplier. We recommend checking back regularly if a product is out of stock.

Discount items are clearly labeled as such on our website. You can find them listed under a specific “Discount Products” section for easy navigation.

Since the discount products are sourced in bulk, the specific strains or varieties available may change. We cannot guarantee the same strains will always be available in the discount range.

While we stand by the quality of all our products, including discount items, it’s important to review our return policy on the website, as terms may differ for discounted products.

Restocking depends on our supplier and demand. While we aim to maintain a consistent supply, restock times can vary. We encourage customers to sign up for restock alerts on our website.

Yes, the discount capsules are filled with kratom powder and can be used similarly to other kratom capsules. However, as with any new kratom product, start with a smaller dose to assess its effect.

Absolutely. Our customer support team is here to help with any questions or issues for all our products, including discount items. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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