Sample Packs

Your leaf your life sample packs.

We offer sample packs in 2 different sizes. If you are new to us and want to try our products one of these are the way to go. They are under $5.00 an ounce for each sample pack!

  • 10z sampler where you choose 5 different strains. You will receive 2oz of each of them 5 strains. 
  • Baby sampler where you choose 5 different strains. You will receive 1oz of each of them 5 strains that you picked.

Alot of customers make the mistake of ordering split kilos or kilos from vendors for their first order. We highly suggest that our customers who are trying new strains for the first time to order them in a sample pack. The reason for this is to make sure that you like it before you have a larger amount of a strain. 


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