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Your Leaf Your Life – Green Sibau 125g


Green sibau 4oz/112g is now 125g pack at no extra charge!!!

This Kratom Strain originates in Putussibau, which is almost 300 miles Northeast of Pontianak, the main hub of all Kratom production. A majority of Kratom leaves produced in Pontianak are harvested from Kratom Plantations. There is nothing wrong with Plantation leaves. At times they do tend to have a younger tree age than wild leaves. The closer you get to Pontianak the worst the harvesting pressure is. Harvesting pressure causes workers to pick leaves without leaving the proper time for them to grow and mature.

A kratom tree should have 6 months in between harvest. An important time frame to make sure there is proper alkaloid and leaf maturity.  Leaf maturity is often impossible when the Plantation owner is letting pickers from different farms harvest on his land.  People who do this make their money by charging per kilo of wet leaf.

We choose to work with farmers due to the fact that farmers control the entire process from start to finish. They tend to the trees to ensure proper growth and to make sure the leaves are fully mature.  Good farmers ensure a clean and sterile environment when drying, making the crumbs and milling and bagging the final product.  The farmer we work with in Putussibau follows a process we believe in!

Green Sibau- harvested from wild trees along the river of Kapus Hulu. Our Sibau strain comes from fully mature leaves and trees. You can expect to enjoy a long-lasting Mid Spec experience!

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


Please consult your doctor before use if you have any health conditions, are taking any medications or are breastfeeding.


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