What is Kratom?

Kratom, or, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree that is native to South East Asia and is from the same family as the Coffee Tree. The Leaves are dried (or cured) and ground up to make Kratom Powder. In Southeast Asia, they simply eat the leaves off of the tree, and sometimes soak them in soda and other liquids to make a concoction often referred to as thom. When leaves are dried and cured in a specific way, it makes all the difference.   It makes the effects of the leaf stronger. This is why drying process is very important, but there is also another very important reason. Drying conditions can also affect mold and bacteria. That is why it is very important to know what methods and facilities the farmer is using to dry, package and store the Kratom.

Safety is the number one concern of my company, but just as important as the safety of your leaf is the quality. Many of the strains I carry are string dried strains. This ensures the freshest and most potent product available, even in the rainy season. So, rest assured, I am striving to bring you the most fresh and cleanest product possible! Every strain has been tested by me, (also lab tested) and meets the Philly Kratom Standard!


How safe is Kratom?

Kratom is VERY safe when used on its own. Kratom may be a bad idea if……

take other medications
are pregnant
you are taking a bunch of herbs
you are exhibiting a compulsiveness to take kratom more than 3 or 4 times a day

These are my opinions. Do your own research before starting ANY regimen or making ANY lifestyle changes.


Where can we find information about kratom?

You can visit the website below for more information about kratom.


If you are looking for information about the fight to keep kratom legal we have an advocacy page on our website. You can also visit American Kratom Association at



Do you offer Kilos?

Unfortunately, at this time our stock is limited, we do not have enough to offer single strain kilos just yet. There is a split kilo category, where you can pick a split half or full kilo.  MUST BE 4 DIFFERENT STRAINS FOR THE SPLITS.


Is Kratom Legal in my state?

Most likely YES! Kratom is becoming more widely accepted everywhere! The American Kratom Association, or AKA, is fighting hard on our behalf to educate our Government on Kratom. I wholeheartedly believe we will win this fight, but we need your help. Contact your local Representatives and let them know what Kratom Has done for you. Also, donate to the AKA!

The following states are currently banned states. If you are unsure, please email me at yourleafyourlife@gmail.com  for questions

Vermont, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin

Sarasota County, FLA
Jerseyville, ILL
San Diego, CA

For a more Comprehensive legality map, click the link below!


Denver has put a human consumption ban on kratom, but it remains legal for other purposes


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Any order $60.00 and over will receive free priority shipping using USPS. WE HAD TO RAISE THE PRICE AND CUT-OFF FOR FREE SHIPPING AS OF OCTOBER 1ST 2022 DUE TO USPS RASING THE PRICE OF FLAT RATE SHIPPING TO $10.00, IT WAS $7.45. Most packages take 3-4 days from the time it is dropped off and scanned.  


What kind of shipping do you use?

Our shipping options are as followed
USPS priority mail. The fee is 9.00 for orders under 60.00 with USPS priority, free shipping for orders over 60.00. We have also recently added First class shipping, please be aware that first class can take over a week especially during peak mailing times. 

If order is placed and paid for during a weekday before 8am est it will go out the same day, if it is after that time there is a possibility it will not be shipped until the next day. WE ONLY SHIP MONDAY- FRIDAY ANYTHING AFTER 8AM FRIDAY WILL SHIP UNTIL THE FOLLOWING WEEK.


When is your cutoff time for shipping?

All orders placed after 8:00 am est will go out the next shipping day. If we can get it out same day, we will but cannot promise if it is after the cutoff time that it will go out same day. If you place an order on a Friday after 8:00 am est please be aware that it will not ship until the following week.



If you place an order with us on Friday after 8am to Saturday night, it will go out on Monday. Any orders placed on Sunday we will try to get out on Monday, but it depends on how many orders we get over the weekend, if we cannot get it out Monday it will ship Tuesday. 



I am checking my tracking, but it says the post office is awaiting item, what gives?

Your item is always delivered according to rigid guidelines we have set. All orders ship out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is one of the busiest hubs in the United States. USPS doesn’t always scan the item, but your item will always be moving. So, rest assured your item is on the way. For tracking, please click the link below and paste your tracking number in the box provided! WITH USPS BEING OVERWHELMED AND NOT ENOUGH STAFF WE ARE NOTICING PACKAGES NOT BEING SCANNED MORE THEN USUAL. PLEASE KNOW EVEN THOUGH USPS STATES AWAITING PACKAGE IF YOU HAVE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER THAT MEANS YOUR PACKAGE WAS DROPPED OFF BY THE CLOSING OF THE DAY. 



My package says delivered but I do not have it. What do I do?

Every package that is sent by us as long as it is not first class is insured. The insurance covers up to $100. If you have a package that says delivered and you do not have it, we suggest a few things. Check with your neighbors, see if you received any other mail yet (they have scanned it delivered when they have not even come to the home yet). If you do not have it after the end of the day call USPS the following day and put in a lost package insurance claim.


How long will my USPS Priority Mail Order Take?

Every location in the United States is different.  Your item will ship from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 19152. For a more detailed answer, please visit


Which holidays are USPS holidays??

Here are the days that the USPS will be closed. 

  •  January           New Year’s Day
  •  January           Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  •  February         President’s Day/Washington’s Birthday
  •  May                Memorial Day
  • June                Juneteenth
  •  July                 Independence Day
  •  September     Labor Day
  •  October         Columbus Day
  • November    Veterans Day
  •  November      Thanksgiving Day
  • December       Christmas Day

These are holidays where nothing will ship, so we recommend ordering a couple days in advance of these holidays. Also, from about the Beginning of December until the middle of January are very busy shipping times. Your package may be delayed a few days during these times. We encourage you to order ahead of time during this period. I have been selling Kratom for three years and have seen people go without quite a few times because of this delay.


Do you accept credit cards?

YES!!! We have a way for you to use credit or debit! We have 2 different options on the website, the first option listed at checkout is our main processor, but feel free to use either processor. Neither of them has a fee to use and are 100% secure and safe. 


Do you accept payment apps?

Yes, we take several payment apps, but we prefer that one of the processors are used, payment apps are last resort for emergency situations.


What is Greenbean pay?

Greenbean pay is an instant payment method, it is used on a secure server using plaid (many online retailers use it). There is no fee to use this method. You sign up at checkout when you click to pay with greenbean pay. Once signed up you will be good to go for future use, you connect to your bank through plaid and pay it is instant no wait time! 


Do you offer a refund/return policy? 

Yes, we allow refunds up to 7 days after delivery on all unopened products. If product is open and there is an issue, please contact us and we will replace the product. Please remember though kratom is a natural product and what works for one may not work for you. We cannot issue refunds or returns on used items that just were not for you. We recommend getting a baby sample pack to see what works best for your body chemistry.



We get asked this question a lot, NO we do not. We did at one time offer local pick up, but we could no longer accommodate customers’ demands. Our online sales have made it to where there was no available time to stop packing to go meet local customers. Sorry for any inconvenience but if you order online before 8am it will ship same day.


Why is kratom not consistently the same every batch?

Kratom is a natural product and batches vary during different times of the year. There is the dry season, which means it is very easy for them to harvest and dry the leaves. Then there is the wet season which makes harvesting very difficult. Indonesia farms during wet season are flooded which is not the best for drying and harvesting. This is something that us nor the farmers have control over, they do their best to try to get the alkaloids as close to the dry season as possible. When ordering please remember that it is a natural product, and we have no control over the seasonal changes.