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Your Leaf Your Life – Green Gayo 250g

Green Gayo 8oz packs have changed to 250g at no extra cost!

Green Gayo is our newest strain. This strain is a beautiful deep green and is a well-balanced strain.

Gayo is a mountainous region of Aceh which is located in Northern Sumatra. The high elevation of this location makes it a unique place for wild kratom to grow. Northern Sumatra gets plenty of rain just like the rest of Indonesia, the difference is found in the volcanic well-draining soil. This combination of soil, rain and elevation is what also makes this location special for growing Gayo coffee.

If you have never tried this coffee, please check it out in our Sumatran coffee section on our website.

Gayo coffee is one of the few coffees that is processed using the wet hull method. This is because of the high humidity. So, in conclusion, the same conditions that make for a very desirable coffee also make for one of our most potent kratom strains that we are able to offer to date!






Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


Please consult your doctor before use if you have any health conditions, are taking any medications or are breastfeeding.


Must be 18 or older to order/purchase.

Products cannot be shipped to certain states/counties.


For information on the legality of kratom please visit

Weight 8.5 oz

7 reviews for GREEN GAYO 250g

  1. Kevin Vollmer

    Very unique onset, a powerful green with additional nuance you would get from a red. An instant classic.

  2. chris (verified owner)

    So amazing!!!! This was my first order with philly, and i don’t think i’ll ever go anywhere else now. The gayo is so smooth and euphoric, super smooth comedown, everything about it is just amazing!! Do not hesitate to order this (: They also sent me a sample pack of another great Kratom, wow I love this company. I’ve had trouble with other vendors with the zippers on the baggies coming off after opening alot and was unable to seal them, but these bags are great quality and won’t fall apart! You guys check all the boxes, thank you so much guys, sorry for the late review!

  3. Ryan

    This one is my go to. Ive been taking kratom for a while and i dknt see how it can get better than this strain, its simply the best

  4. Alan

    The Philly’s Green Gayo already has me convinced, before now when it comes to good leaf in green, I have been missing out! Definitely on my first next order.

  5. devmil96 (verified owner)

    Wow..This had me speechless. Green Gayo was my first purchase and I took some as soon as it got here. It hit on every level I wanted to..and wow..I took my usual amount and I learned very quickly I could have taken a little less…either way it was amazing and I haven’t been able to switch to one of my other strains yet haha..Thanks YLYL and all you do for the community. You guys put so much care into it and that’s what made me want to order from you in the first place. I will be ordering more very soon.

  6. Pat

    If your wondering how this new batch of gayo is…it’s 🔥

    Well balanced. Perfect mid spec imo. Just right amount of energy for me.

    Goes GREAT with the red bone in A 60/40 blend red/green.

  7. Kenneth Mack

    Good stuff! I think green gayo is a dark green and a slower strain with, shareing qualities of red vein leaf. I was surprised for something with 1.45% MIT

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