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Green Gayo

Green Gayo is one of our newer strains – a harmonious blend of deep green hues. Sourced from the mountainous Gayo region in Northern Sumatra, this well-balanced strain thrives in volcanic soil, abundant rain, and high elevation. Experience the potency of a unique kratom cultivated under the same conditions that produce the coveted Gayo coffee. Explore the extraordinary in every leaf.


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Green Gayo Kratom : A Symphony of Nature’s Elements

Your Leaf Your Life – Green Gayo Kratom is our newest arrival—a strain that enchants with its striking deep green color and outstanding equilibrium. Sourced from the mountainous region of Aceh in Northern Sumatra. This strain benefits from the unique combination of high elevation, volcanic well-draining soil, and abundant rainfall.

  • The Gayo region’s distinctive attributes make it an ideal location for cultivating Gayo coffee. And contribute to the potency of our Green Gayo Kratom. The well-draining soil, ample rain, and elevated terrain result in a kratom strain that stands out for its quality.
  • Northern Sumatra’s high humidity, which is advantageous for Gayo coffee processing. Which is also plays a role in making Green Gayo one of our most potent kratom offerings to date. The wet hull method, specific to Gayo coffee production, adds to the uniqueness of this strain.

 Dive into the extraordinary world of Green Gayo, where the perfect synergy of nature’s elements culminates in a truly remarkable strains experience.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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2 reviews for Green Gayo

  1. jaymz127x

    I’m blown away by Green Gayo! It has been one of my favorites since I first tried it! I couldn’t recommend it enough. No one will be disappointed with this amazing strain!

  2. Aaron

    This is perhaps the most boosting strain of any that I have ever tried! I really feel a great lift with Gayo.

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