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Red Bone Our 4oz/112g packs have changed to 125g packs at no extra cost!

Excited to bring back the red bone since we have received a lot of requests for this strain, since it was discontinued by us a few years ago.  Our new Red Bone is not from the farmer we used for it in the past it is from a new farmer.

Red Bone strain is bright green for the people that have been asking for a green, red vein from Your Leaf Your Life.

This strain is more of a daytime red as compared to our dark reds. Our dark reds are more of a nighttime strain when you are just home hanging with family.

The reason for the name Bone is that a little bit of the stem is grinded down into the crumbs of the leaf to make a unique profile. The “Bone’ of the leaf (the stem) is finely milled in with the leaves to then make a true Bone strain.

All of our strains are 3rd party lab tested. You can find the results under our labs tab on the website. This Red Bone came in at a high Mitragynine percentage which for a red vein is a very good level.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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2 reviews for Red Bone 125g

  1. nmelamed82 (verified owner)

    This is a great “greenish” red, if thats what you like. Its faster than some of the other YLYL reds, so it’s great for daytime!

  2. Lisa Hall

    I tell you, this was my first purchase from ylyl and it wont be the last. I love fast and energetic reds and this checked all boxes. This is not one to sleep on

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RED BONERed Bone 125g

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