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Red Bone

Rediscover the vibrant allure of Red Bone, back by popular demand! Our new strain, sourced from a different farmer, boasts a bright green hue. Explore Your Leaf Your Life’s commitment to quality with third party lab-tested results on our website. Your Leaf Your Life—choose Red Bone for a revitalizing experience.


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Rediscover the Joy of Red Bone Kratom and Experience its Nuanced Effects

Satisfy Your Craving for a Unique Red Vein Experience

Are you a passionate kratom enthusiast yearning for a distinctive red-veined variety? Your Leaf Your Life is thrilled to reintroduce the highly sought-after Red Bone kratom strain! We have been attentively listening to our loyal community’s demands, and we’re delighted to bring back this exceptional strain. Now it sourced exclusively from a dedicated farmer.

A Vibrantly Green Strain Tailored for Daytime Delight

Red Bone kratom captivates with its vibrant green hues, explicitly designed for the daytime connoisseur. Crafted with a meticulous process, this strain is perfect for those moments when you’re out and about or cherishing quality time with friends. Embrace the fresh, invigorating vibes that Red Bone offers. Allowing you to stay energized throughout the day while savoring the sublime effects of this unique kratom variety.

Experience the Unrivaled Nuances of Red Bone

Our innovative technique that incorporates a hint of the stem into the leaf sets Red Bone apart, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind Bone strain. We carefully mill a small amount of the branch into the leaf. So it’s delivering an unparalleled profile that stands out from other red vein varieties.

  • The meticulous Bone milling process creates a distinctive and exceptional strain.
  • Vibrant green hues crafted for the daytime connoisseur.
  • Perfect for staying energized and socializing with friends.

Lab-Tested Excellence of Red Bone

Red Bone undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to guarantee its outstanding quality and safety. You can conveniently access the detailed lab results on our website under the labs tab. We pride ourselves on the consistently high Mitragynine percentage found in Red Bone, making it the ultimate choice for kratom enthusiasts who seek the perfect balance in a red vein strain.

Your Well-Being with Red Bone from Your Leaf Your Life

Your Leaf Your Life is unwavering in its commitment to delivering top-notch products that enhance your well-being. It’s time to rekindle your love for Red Bone kratom and make it an unforgettable part of Your Leaf Your Life. Rediscover the joy and experience the remarkable effects of this revived fan favorite today!

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6 reviews for Red Bone

  1. nmelamed82 (verified owner)

    This is a great “greenish” red, if thats what you like. Its faster than some of the other YLYL reds, so it’s great for daytime!

  2. Lisa Hall

    I tell you, this was my first purchase from ylyl and it wont be the last. I love fast and energetic reds and this checked all boxes. This is not one to sleep on

  3. Becky Beach

    This is one of my favorite reds! It is also a great mood boost to get things done and also to socialize!! I highly recommend this!!

  4. Sally

    Received a sample of red bone a few months ago. Just got around to trying it this morning. Awesome daytime red! Thx ylyl!

  5. Austin Bradley

    This strain is comparable to “Green Cobain” for me, but has unique relaxing properties. It has great anxiety relieving properties and personally helps with restless legs. Another hit!

  6. Heath Bryant

    Fast Red with a nice green color it feels like Green Strain is it?

    • megan

      No it is not it is a red vein (not dried fully in the sun so it’s not really dark)

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