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Philly kratoms easy at home extract recipe

Hey All!

We have had a lot of requests for Kratom Extract recipes over the years . I used to have quite a few YouTube Vids on the subject, but they have been taken down. THANK YOU ILK for having this forum where we dont have to worry about censorship!

I make a TON of extract every year that we sell on our site. Ive easily made over 25 kilos of finished extract. In my process I use two kilos of plain leaf and yield 200 grams.  This means it would take me ten kilos of plain leaf to make one whole kilo of crystal (10:1 or 10x)

In my opinion anything over 20x is a marketing ploy unless the color of the extract is yellow, brown or clear. Let me explain why. The method I will be showing today is the most crude method. It is a simple water/acid extraction. The black color of the extract comes from the leftover chlorophyll, not from the active alkaloids In the extract. The more efficient ways of extraction , mainly co2 and ethanol, remove a lot of the Chlorophyll and therefore it does take more plain leaf to make a kilo of crystal. But if you are indeed using 100 or 200 kilos to make one kilo of extract, the product will be very pure and should be a yellow or brown color, not Jet Black.

Okay, im done with the rambling! Let’s move on to the recipe. Here is what you will need:

1)  8×8 silicone baking dish. They are flexible, lightweight and allow you to flex the dish to break out your extract cake in one piece IF it is completely dehydrated.

2)  4 oz plain leaf kratom. The greener and fresher the leaf, the higher the yield will be . This is due to greener leaf having more chlorophyll left in it. Darker leaf will give a lower yield. Red and white blended has given me the best results as far as mood lift, while red is best for pain.

3)  Stockpot

4)  2.5 to 3.5 cups of water depending on consistency and moisture content of kratom

5)  Half of a white grapefruit OR half cup white or apple cider vinegar. Some use citric acid, but I’m not familiar with this method.

6)  Steel mixing  bowl or large Tupperware Container (for freezer)

7)  Cheesecloth or clean tee shirt (will need to be tossed afterwards)

Step One:

Combine 4 oz of kratom and 2.5 to 3.5 cups of water into your Tupperware. . Mix slowly(I use clean hands) to thoroughly mix the kratom and water.  It should be about the same consistency of a thick cocktail sauce. If it is a little on the wet side that’s okay! Cut your grapefruit in half and then cut one of the halves in half again. Use the two wedges of the half by squeezing as much juice as you can into the mixture and then throw the  spent wedges into the container as well! Save the other half for the next extract run! Freeze the mixture . You can skip the freeze, but a lot of people believe this helps burst the cell walls of the kratom for a more efficient extraction.

Take the mixture out of freezer and flex sides of Tupperware to plop it Into your pot. Put on medium heat. Barely a simmer is what you’re looking for, not a boil. Once it melts and gets up to temp let it simmer for 2 to 3 hours. Some say less and that’s fine, especially for a smaller amount of leaf. For four oz. I would still do an hour. 

Once cooled, you can use a cheesecloth , old tee shirt or Cider press with mesh bag to separate the liquid from the solids. Simply fill the cloth, fold and squeeze like your life depends on it! A cider press works wonders but the other two will work fine for such a small amount of leaf. 

(Once you have your liquid, you can add water to the leftover solids and simmer again and squeeze, but I always do just one run.)

Now you have your liquid and it is time to reduce it down! Put your liquid in a saucepan and put it on medium heat! You can barely simmer the water or get it just hot enough so it steams. (I steam it)  It will reduce down in time. You will notice it getting darker and the cosistency will change. Once it looks like used motor oil, it is time to transfer to the oven.

Transfer reduced liquid to the 8×8 silicone baking dish. If you don’t have one, use a Pyrex dish. But trust me, the ten dollar silicone baking dish will save you a lot of hassle, you’ll see! 

Preheat oven to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once preheated, put the dish with the liquid inside and shut the door.  For four oz of leaf it shouldn’t take longer than 4 hours to dehydrate. It will start as a thick liquid and eventually get s crust on the top. Then it will start to rise like a cake. Once this happens, it will usually be an hour until it is time to take it out of the oven. If you did it right your whole house will smell like brownies!

How To Check:

Take it out of the oven and let it COMPLETELY cool. Give it a hard poke with your finger. If it is rock hard or crumbles under the pressure of your finger, That’s great news! That part is finished. Remove all of the parts that are finished. If you have any parts that are still soft, preheat oven to 190 again and put back in for an hour. Repeat the procedure to check for doneness again.

At this point you are left with chunks of hardened extract. It doesent look pretty. You have some choices now.

1)break off a chunk, weigh and eat. I like my serving of extract to be ten percent of the weight of my serving of Plain Leaf.

Ex. One gram extract for every ten grams of plain leaf (this is how we make our enhanced products)

2)grind it in a coffee grinder. This is very easy, but you will not get the shimmering crystals! If you want to see the shimmering lights move to the THIRD OPTION!

3) this one is more time intensive, but gives the most professional looking finished product.  You will need:

Colander or strainer with med. Sized holes, a mixing bowl big enough for the colander to sit in And a soup can with the label taken off.

Place strainer or colander inside of the large bowl. Place all of your extract inside of the strainer. Use the soup can (or bottom of a coffee mug) to grind downward.  The act of grinding downward will slowly break up the larger chunks of extract and push them through the colander holes and into the bowl. Repeat this until you are left with hardly anything in the strainer. If your extract was dried properly, you will be left with very little chunks.   Grind anything you have left that doesent seem to want to break down any further in a coffee grinder or you can save the chunks and dissolve them in coffee or tea!

Thanks for reading this TEK ! Tweak it and make it your own, then spread the knowledge!

Much Love,

Philly Kratom

10 thoughts on “Philly kratoms easy at home extract recipe”

  1. Thank you for this TEK! It really is the most comprehensive I could find. I did it this week and ended up with 3.3 of my total weight. I had 400 g of powder and ended up with 38g of extract. Thanks again for this!!!

  2. Thx for article, so if it gets to resin state , that just means I still need to dehydrate for it to get to powder , correct?

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