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Why the change, where is the old site?

CINDERELLA IS PROOF THAT A NEW PAIR OF SHOES CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ” Hey guys! Sean & Meg here, we know that this is a big change for you guys! Boy is it a huge change for us also we are basically starting all over again. All new site all new programs to learn ect, but we had to make the change to offer the 2 new payment methods. Your leaf your life should not run a business on payment apps ( not the right way anyway). Over at YLYL we now can take credit/debit and can also do bank to bank transfer all right here at checkout. The support is much appreciated from our supporters who have stuck by us with all this change! We will be making changes here and there to get the website up to where we want it, with change comes time! We have lowered the prices on the splits for the new site, look forward to you guys telling us what you think!

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